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Our Story

The History

Farm Market Origins 

For decades (since 1951 to be exact), Gene's Farm Market has sourced the finest and freshest local fruits and vegetables to passersby at its roadside market.

Although the baskets of fresh fruit cost a little more than the 95 cents pictured here from back in the day, the old-fashioned flavor and quality that has kept us in business for over 65 years remains strong. Gene continues to uphold the traditions his parents Olga and Eugene taught and instilled in him. Traveling to trusted farmers all around Southern New Jersey daily, and personally hand-selecting the fresh produce makes all the difference. 


The Peaches!

Over the years, the peaches at Gene's have created a cult-like following with dedicated fans celebrating their return each and every season. 

What makes them so special?

For over 65 years, Gene's has been sourcing peaches from the same small orchard. The reasons are many as to why Gene's Peaches are so good and juicy, but they all come down to the farmer's tender love and care. 

1) Truly Tree-Ripened

They are allowed to mature on the tree as the fruit is never sold to mass market distributors and only to local suppliers. Therefore, a Gene's Peach will never be picked prematurely.

2) NOT Hydrocooled

Hydrocooling is the process of removing the field heat from peaches by running them through ice cold water immediately after picking. This is another process mass producers use to help preserve fruit as the typical peach sits on a truck and travels across the country, then waits in a warehouse before finally making its way to store shelves.

Gene's Peaches do not need hydrocooling as they are not subjected to the stress of cross-country travel and extended warehousing. 

Our peaches are straight from the tree with limited handling. You'll feel like you're taking a stroll through the orchard with every bite!


So What is Gene's Peaches and Why?

Gene's Peaches is brought to you by me, Justin Annacone, 3rd generation of the Annacone family running Gene's Farm Market. This is just the beginning of my solution to the problem I didn't realize existed until I moved off the family farm market to cities like New York and Philadelphia. Yes, the food is amazing in both cities, but quality pleasures like genuinely fresh fruit with real flavor is nearly impossible to find.

Gene's Peaches is my way of bringing the joys of sweet, juicy, fresh-from-the-orchard peaches directly to you. My goal is to make our exceptional peaches available to you for those times when you can't visit the market in person. Gene's Peaches make the perfect gift or for treating yourself. We know you'll enjoy!